Kaleidoscope Track

at Dragon Con


Photo of Jill M
Jill M
Track Director
Mama P

About me: Dragon Con Eternal Member, Convention Mom, Cat Wrangler. Second Geekiest Disney Fan on staff. I create fandom crafts, sew fandom clothes and bake cookies for Volunteers.

Favorite KT Shows: Star vs The Forces of Evil, Just Add Magic, Dragons Race to the Edge, Milo Murphy’s Law, Marvel Block on Disney XD

Fandoms: Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Wars Rebels, Marvel, Lilo & Stitch

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Photo of Michele R
Michele R
Asst. Director

About me: I’m a wife, mother, science teacher and a Dragon Con volunteer for
the past 7 years. In my free time, I enjoy reading, watching TV and

Favorite KT shows: Scooby Doo, pretty much anything on Disney especially
the Cheesy movies

Fandoms: Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel

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Photo of Melissa W
Melissa W
Room Lead

About me: I’m one of the biggest Disney Geeks I know, could literally spend hours talking about Disney and all of the various properties they own (Ex: Marvel, Star Wars, Etc.).

Favorite KT Shows: Adventure Time, Power Rangers, Milo Murphy’s Law, Avenger’s Assemble

Fandoms: Marvel, Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Supergirl

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Photo of Jonathan M
Jonathan M
Room Lead

About Me: Father, husband, and gamer geek extraordinaire, I am excited to return for another year of the Kaleidoscope Track as a Dragon Con volunteer.

Favorite KT Shows: Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe

Fandoms: MCU, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and more

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Photo of Sam R
Sam R
Future Volunteer

About me: I’m a Sophmore who spends my time playing bass on drumline and gaming with my friends.

Favorite KT shows: Scooby Doo, Regular Show, Gravity Falls

Fandoms: Video games, Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy

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Photo of Kayla S
Kayla S

About me: Mom to an awesome 8 year old, Fur mommy to 3 fur babies, addicted to Disney.

Favorite KT Shows: Adventure Time, Ultimate Spiderman, Avengers Assemble, PPG, Steven Universe

Fandoms: Harry Potter, Disney, Charmed, Sailor Moon, True Blood, Orphan Black, Marvel, Hamilton

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Photo of James M
James M

29 year old ATLien with a BS in Education from Georgia Southern and is currently apprentice to Obi-Don of Baldinos. Farm boy to my future Princess Bride, fellow KT volunteer Kayla, who’ll be the best of wives and is the best of women. We live happily, ever after where it’s quiet uptown with our young padawan; Christopher (aka Baby Groot). We play in the mathematical spaces that lie between the land of Ooo and Homeworld. Teach him, the ways we do, of the force; how to access Platform 9 3/4 and the wormholes of gravity falls along with the meaning of Excelsior!

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Photo of Jodi C
Jodi C

About Me: Old-school gamer nerd, Wife, Mom of four, Nana of two. I love to sing all of the time and will make up songs if there isn’t one that seems to fit.

Favorite KT shows: The Loud House, Star vs. the Forces of Evil. Milo Murphy’s Law, Scooby Doo, pretty much anything Disney, especially if it’s musical!

Fandoms: You name it, I probably like it. Except really super boring stuff that requires me to sit still, because I can’t do it.

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