Kaleidoscope Track

at Dragon Con

Kaleidoscope Track 2016 Tentative Panel Listing

July 10th, 2016

This is an extremely tentative Panel Title Listing. Things will change before the convention.

Guest Panels
Mom Sadness – Inside Out
Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers for Kids
An Hour with Bob Bergen
Squidward Tentacles and Pearl Krabs
Meet the Stars of Disney XD’s Guardians of the Galaxy
An Hour with Squidward Tentacles
Kim Possible Reunion
Comics Kids Love
Voices of Kids Animation
More than Kim Possible
My Disney Life

For Parents
Dragon Con Survival Tips for Families with Kids
Tuff Topics for Parents
Cut the Cable

Disney Panels
History of Disney Theme Parks
Disney Cruising
Disney Collectibles Trading
Disney Park Tip and Tricks for Beginners

Interactive Panels
Aaron Allston Memorial Kids Writing Workshop
Kid’s Character Encounter
Family Friendly Dance
Geek Girls Run and Social Hour
Team Trivia with Davey Beauchamp

Fan Panels
We Bear Bears
90’s Shows Redos
Doctor Who for Kids
Rollercoasters: The Good, The Bad, The Awesome
Minecraft for Kids
Steven Universe for Kids
Once Upon a Time for Families


Family Activities Poll

May 2nd, 2016


What activities would your family most likely attend during Dragon Con:

2016 Family Friendly Dance Theme

March 15th, 2016


Help the Kaleidoscope Track pick the theme for the 2016 Family Friendly Dance:


2016 Family Friendly Dance:

Nickelodeon Channel Shows Poll

February 28th, 2016

This poll is designed for Nickelodeon Channel shows assigned to the Kaleidoscope Track at Dragon Con.

Which shows do you enjoy as a family?