Kaleidoscope Track

at Dragon Con

KT Panel FAQ

August 20th, 2014


  1. As required by law, fans under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Any unaccompanied minor will be turned over to the APD.
  2. Our Track Room only holds about 85 people due to Fire Code Regulations.
  3. You may line up for a panel 1 hour before, no earlier
  4. It is Dragon Con policy to clear the room after each panel.
  5. No alcohol in the track room.
  6. Because kids are present at all of our events please be mindful of language and adult content in comments and questions.
  7. For all panels, fans under the age of 16 are queued up first for guest questions. Then adults when time permits.

Silence in the Library Publishing

August 1st, 2014

Silence in the Library Publishing

The Kaleidoscope Track is excited to announce our newest participating group for 2014. Silence in the Library Publishing was founded in 2011 by a group of authors with the goal of creating an environment that allows authors, artists, editors, and other publishing professionals to work collaboratively to showcase their work.

Fans will have the opportunity to meet and interact with the CEO along with several authors and artists throughout the weekend. Look for members of Silence in the Library Publishing on panels such as: The Aaron Allston Memorial Kids Writing Workshop, Geek Girls Run, Athena’s Daughters Author Meet & Greet, the Book Club panel and many others.

Please join the Kaleidoscope Track Volunteers as we welcome our newest partner, Silence in the Library Publishing, to Dragon Con.

Geek Girls Run 2014

July 31st, 2014
Geek Girl Run

Geek Girls Run

Kaleidoscope is proud to welcome back Geek Girls Run to Dragon Con in 2014. Geek Girls Run is an organization made up of runners who happen to be geeks, and geeks who learned they could become runners. Their mission is to foster self-improvement, healthy living, and a safe community where women and men can inspire and encourage each other. To find out more about their organization go to GeekGirlsRun.com and find them on social media everywhere.

Big Shiny Robot!

July 29th, 2014

bsr robotThe Kaleidoscope Track is proud to have Big Shiny Robot participating in panels for the 2014 convention. Big Shiny Robot is an independent source for nerd news, movie reviews and a lot more. You can hear them on Podcasts like Full of Sith and Big Shiny Podcast.

You will be able to meet guests from Big Shiny Robot on multiple panels through out the weekend including: Gaming for Kids, Disney Princesses and Heroes, The Aaron Allston Memorial Kid’s Writing Workshop and the Book Club Panel.

Stop by their website bigshinyrobot.com and catch up on all of your fandom news and be sure to stop by one of their panels and say Hello!

Power Rangers Samurai

February 25th, 2014

Power Rangers SamuraiBuilding on the popularity of the Original Power Rangers in 2013, the Kaleidoscope Track and Dragon Con are excited to announce our first guests for the 2014 Convention. From Power Rangers Samurai, Dragon Con welcomes Hector David, Jr. (green), Najee De-Tiege (blue), Alex Heartman (red) and Steven Skyler (gold). Power Rangers Samurai is the #1 rated live action program airing on the Nickelodeon Network. Whether they are performing a Power Rangers show or interacting with fans at a meet and greet, the Power Rangers Samurai’s main goal is to empower everyone.

Power Rangers Samurai have become involved on a personal level teaching diversity and encouraging each fan to believe that his or her future has endless opportunities if they truly dedicate and apply themselves.

Please join us in welcoming Power Rangers Samurai, and we hope to see you all Labor Day weekend!  Follow Power Rangers Samurai and the Kaleidoscope Track on Twitter and join our updated Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/KaleidoscopeTrack/.


Kaleidoscope Track – @dconkt

Najee De-Tiege – @najeedeteige

Alex Heartman – @alexheartman

Steven Skyler – @stevensklyer

Hector David, Jr. – @hecdavidjr