Kaleidoscope Track

at Dragon Con

Power Rangers Samurai

February 25th, 2014

Power Rangers SamuraiBuilding on the popularity of the Original Power Rangers in 2013, the Kaleidoscope Track and Dragon Con are excited to announce our first guests for the 2014 Convention. From Power Rangers Samurai, Dragon Con welcomes Hector David, Jr. (green), Najee De-Tiege (blue), Alex Heartman (red) and Steven Skyler (gold). Power Rangers Samurai is the #1 rated live action program airing on the Nickelodeon Network. Whether they are performing a Power Rangers show or interacting with fans at a meet and greet, the Power Rangers Samurai’s main goal is to empower everyone.

Power Rangers Samurai have become involved on a personal level teaching diversity and encouraging each fan to believe that his or her future has endless opportunities if they truly dedicate and apply themselves.

Please join us in welcoming Power Rangers Samurai, and we hope to see you all Labor Day weekend!  Follow Power Rangers Samurai and the Kaleidoscope Track on Twitter and join our updated Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/KaleidoscopeTrack/.


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Hector David, Jr. – @hecdavidjr


Guest Announcement: Davey Beauchamp

February 25th, 2014

DaveyBeauchampKaleidoscope Track is happy to announce that Davey Beauchamp will be returning as a guest for the KT Track.

Davey is the creator of the Writers for Relief anthology series, the Agency 32 series, the award nominated Amazing Pulp Adventures Radio Show; podcast (pulpadventures.net) along with Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit, and Gallifrey Pirate Radio a podcast dedicated to Doctor Who (gallifreypirateradio.com).

Davey Beauchamp’s Amazing Pulp Adventures RPG presented by Scaldcrow Games (scaldcrow.com) was just released and has been an overwhelming success. He licensed the world of Amazing Pulp Adventures to Foxhammer Press for the Paradigm: Sapphire City; it is a fusion of card and board game. Currently he is working on the next book in the Davey Beauchamp’s Amazing Pulp Adventures RPG the Space Adventures of John Hawk.

Davey also writes monthly for the YA Blog – YAtopia (yatopia.blogspot.com).  The new volume of Writers for Relief is currently raising money for the tornado relief effort in Oklahoma and for the deadly typhoon, which hit the Philippines.   POP CULTURE A Guide to Getting Teens & Tweens to Read Through Movies, TV Shows, and Video Games is his first non-fiction book for librarians, teachers and other educators.

Davey Beauchamp has a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science from UNCG and works at the Lexington Public Library in Davidson County as their Teen Specialist and Technology Guru.

Mr. Beauchamp is a long time supporter and advocate for the Kaleidoscope Track and we look forward to working with him in 2014.